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Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Cellular Pleated Blinds and Single Pleated Blinds, and whether there is an advantage in using them?

Well, wonder no more, as I am going to explain the differences and discuss some of the main advantages of choosing Cellular Blinds.

Cellular Pleated Blinds Structure

What is a Cellular Blind.

Sometimes referred to as honeycomb blinds, cellular pleated blinds have a diamond structure, created by essentially securing single pleated blinds back to back.

Duette fabrics are the best known brand of cellular pleated blinds, however there are many others to consider such as Hive which have the same properties as the Duette fabrics.

Why choose a Cellular Blind? 


The honeycomb structure of a Cellular Blind creates a natural air gap, helping with insulation, both keeping rooms warmer in Winter and cooler in the Summer months.

This is probably one of the biggest advantages of this style of blind.

Room Darkening Pleated Blinds

Room Darkening.

All Pleated Blinds require some form of raise and lower cords. With Single Pleat blinds these are threaded through holes made in the fabric, through which the light can penetrate. With the Cellular Blinds the cords travel through the middle of the blind and so the holes are not visible, making a blind that is better at room darkening.

More Even Pleating compared to Single Pleated Blinds

With many Single Pleat Blinds Gravity can pull the fabric, meaning that, over time, the blind can look flatter at the top and more pleated at the bottom. Due to the structure of the Cellular Blind the pleats stay more even across the blind.

Electric and Smart Cellular Pleated Blinds

Cellular Pleated Blinds can be motorised using either Li-ion rechargable Battery or Mains Motors. Especially useful when installing on more tricky to access windows, or over skylight windows. Making your Cellular Blinds Electric means you can operate them at the touch of a button. Or make them Smart with an additional hub, so you can operate them with a Smart Speaker or an app on your smart phone.

Child Safe By Design

Child Safe Options

Cellular Pleated Blinds have a number of operating mechanisms, several of which are Child Safe by Design, eliminating the need for additional cleats or tensioners to be fitted.

If you would like more information about Cellular Pleated Blinds, and how they can benefit you, then contact us, or pop into our Wokingham Showroom.

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