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Roman Blinds

Roman Blind Options

Roman Blinds give a sleek, sophisticated look for window dressings. Attractive either on their own or paired with curtains, these blinds are excellent insulators, especially when made with an additional interlining.


Our vast choice of in-house fabrics is well priced and high quality. In addition, we are able to source most current fabrics suitable for Roman Blinds giving an even wider choice.


We offer a range of linings for our Roman Blinds including Polycotton, Interlining, Thermal and Room Darkening. The Roman Blinds are all hand finished and fully lined as standard.

Roman Blind Operation

Roman Blind Operation

Our standard Roman Blinds are supplied with a simple chain operation. This ensures the blind raised and lowers evenly.

Alternatively we can offer Li-Ion Motors for many of pour Roman Blinds. These are fully rechargeable and are operated using simple easy to use remote controls.

Roman Blinds and Child Safety

In order to comply with current Child Safet legislation, our Roman Blinds come with a chain operation and tensioning device which holds the chain against the wall.

Fitting the Roman Blind with a motor eliminates the need for the chain and tensioner.

The raise and lower cords on the back of the blinds are held in place with quick release devices which activate should undue pressure be put upon them.

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