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Shutters For Interior Windows

Due to their attractive looks and insulative properties, Shutters are rapidly becoming one of the most popular window coverings. There are a few different styles to chose from, as well as different materials and colours. Booking a appointment with one of our expert consultants is the easiest way to receive advice on the best option suited to you.

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Styles of Shutters

Full Height Shutters

Full Height Shutters cover the window from top to bottom. The addition of a Mid Break enables the top Louvres on Plantation Shutters to be moved independently from the bottom. This increases flexibility and light control.

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe Shutters are sometimes referred to as Half Height Shutters. These cover only the bottom part of the window leaving the upper section uncovered. This option is most commonly selected where privacy is needed at the low level.

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on Tier Shutters Have a separate door covering the top of the window to the bottom. This means that the top panels can be folded back to give a Cafe style appearance or closed over the window to look more like a Full Height Shutter.

Tracked Shutters

Covering wide expanses, such as bi-folding or patio doors is possible using a Tracked Shutter. The Shutter Panels run along top and bottom rails, making them easy to open and close.

Available as either bi-fold or bi-pass, tracked Shutters are available in almost all our ranges. In addition Tracked Shutters come in the same colours as our standard shutters, allowing for a seamless look with other window shutters in the room.

Solid Panel Shutters

Traditionally Shutters were made with solid door panels which could be folded away into specially made alcoves during the day. Offering excellent thermal properties and room darkening properties over blind shutters, solid Panel Shutters are an ideal solution where daytime privacy is not required, and where there is room to fold the panels out of the way when not needed.

Made from super light hardwood, these shutter door panels can be painted or stained depending on the look desired.

Shutter & Shade

Shutter & Shade is an innovative way to improve the amount of light shutters block out. The Shutter frame is designed to house a Pleated Blind made using Blackout fabric. The Pleated Blind is fitted into a channel on the inside of the shutter and can be raised and lowered when needed. This discrete addition to the shutter dramatically reduces the light bounce on the louvres and light glow around the door panels.

The Shutter and Shade solution is an excellent consideration for those who work nights or have light sensitivity.

Shutter Materials

Shutter Materials

Shutters for interior windows are available in a variety of different materials. Each have a variety of different properties making them suitable for different installations.


Our Vazon Shutter is made from MDF. MDF is a robust material, making it ideal for shutters. Available in 9 colours, the Vazon Shutters can be made with the Traditional Centre Tilt Rod, Offset to the Hinge Side Tilt Rod, or the more Contemporary Concealed Tilt Option. 


The Alderney Shutter has an MDF frame and solid Polyvinyl louvres. Polyvinyl louvres are lighter in weight than the MDF louvres, however they are just as strong. In addition, the Alderney Shutter is available in 17 attractive colours.


Our Fermain Shutter is a Wood Shutter. Made from Basswood, the Fermain is lighter in weight than the Alderney. Available only with a painted finish the Fermain is available in the same 17 colours the Alderney comes in.


The Sark is the lightest of all the shutter ranges. Made from Super light weight Paulownia Wood the Sark comes in beautiful range of painted and stained finishes as well as having the Custom Colour option allowing you to match with any interior paint colour. 

Made in the UK Shutters


Made in the UK, the Wisley Shutter has the advantage of a shorter lead time than our other ranges. Available in 2 colours and a variety of louvres, the Wisley is the Shutter to choose if you need them more quickly.

Fitting in 5 Weeks is available for The Wisley Range

Types of Shutters

Plantation Shutters 

Plantation Shutters are identifiable by their tiltable louvres. By tilting the louvres, adjustments can be made to the light levels as well as allowing privacy.

Solid Panel Shutters

As the name suggests, these Shutters are made using Solid Panels (or doors). These doors require folding back to allow light into the room. 

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