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Intu Blinds come in 2 different forms, Intu Beadfit and Intu Screwfit. Both are designed to fit closely to the glass of windows or doors. Meaning they open and close with the window or door, eliminating the need to raise up when access is required.

Intu Beadfit

Intu Beadfit Blinds are an innovative no-screw blind made for UPVc windows with rubber beading. The brackets tuck between the rubber beading and the glass, the headrail of the blind clips to the brackets.

Slim tensioning bars on the left and right ensure the headrail cannot slip down whilst maintaining the openness of the glass.

Intu Screwfit

As the name suggests, with this style of Intu Blind the brackets are screwed in place, meaning they can be fitted to most window frames, including wood and aluminium.

We supply Intu Blinds as Pleated or Aluminium Venetian.

Intu Pleated Blinds

Intu Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds are typically chosen due to their excellent thermal properties. The Intu Pleated Blinds can be fitted to raise up from the bottom, down from the top, or as a Multizone, offering additional flexibility.

Available in a wide choice of colours and textures, it is easy to find a complementary selection for your décor.

Intu Aluminium Blinds

Intu Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds are an excellent choice where light and privacy are required.

The Slats can be easily tilted with the use of an innovative toggle button, or the blind can be completely raised via a handle on the bottom rail.

Again we have a wide choice of colours, including vibrant, bright, wood effect and neutrals.

Intu Blind Hardware

Intu Blinds Hardware

Our Intu Blinds come with a choice of hardware colours, allowing you to match or complement your door or window frames. Available in White, Anthracite, Silver or Brown the choice is yours

Intu Micro Blinds

Intu Micro Blinds

Intu Micro Blinds have been designed for use on Bifolding Doors where space is a consideration.

The slimline Intu Micro Blinds headrail tucks in close to the glass, allowing the bifold doors to close tightly against each other when folded back.

With a smaller fabric pleat size there is a selection of neutral colours as well as a slim cellular pleated option to choose from.

Intu Micro Hardware Colours

Intu Micro Blinds come with a choice of hardware in Brown, White or Anthracite to complement your door or window frames.

Child Safe by Design

Child Safe by Design

Intu Blinds are Child Safe by Design, due to the fact they utilise a tension system, making them an excellent choice where children or vulnerable people are likely to be.

Please contact us to find out more about Intu or Intu Micro Blinds.

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