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Uk Shutters Fitted in as little as 5 weeks

UK Made Shutters - Installed in 5 Weeks

Wisley Shutters are UK Manufactured and can be installed in as little as 5 weeks.

Our Wisley Shutters are a fantastic range of durable polyvinyl shutters. The solid plastic shutters are hard wearing and completely waterproof offering you the choice of having the same shutter material throughout the house, even in the bathroom.

Styles of Wisley Shutters

Styles of Wisley Shutters

The Wisley Shutters are available as Full Height, Tier on Tier or Cafe Style, the choice is yours.

Colours of Wisley Shutters

Colours of the Wisley Shutters

These UK Built Shutters are currently available simply in 2 shades of white. Keeping it simple is the signature of these Shutters. 

Wisley Shutters come in 4 Louvre widths, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and the contemporary Urban Louvre.

The Urban Louvre is stepped to close more tightly than the traditional elliptical Louvre, helping to further darken the room when the slats are closed.

Wisley Shutter Options

Opening the Louvres 

Wisley Shutters come with a choice of Centre Tilt rod or a Hidden Tilt option.

The traditional Centre Tilt Rod is securely pinned to the front edge of each Louvre allowing easy and seamless operation.

The Hidden Tilt is a discrete bar that joins each Louvre together on the back of the Shutter visible from certain angles. This gives a more contemporary, clean look to the shutters.

So Contact Us if you want beautiful Timeless Quality Shutters in as little as 5 Weeks!

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