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Electric Roller Blinds

Electric Roller Blinds

Motorisation of Blinds has improved in leaps and bounds in the last few years and now most of our Roller Blinds can be Electric.

The majority of roller blind motors incorporate Li-ion batteries which can be easily recharged in situ. These batteries are robust and typically charge in 4 to 6 hours. A fully charged battery can be used for anything up to 6 months depending on the daily use.

We can also supply motorised roller blinds that can be plugged into the mains, if Li-ion battery is not convenient.

Remote Controlled Motorised Roller Blinds

Control of Motorised Roller Blinds

Electric Roller Blinds are operated via a remote control. We have options of remotes which can operate one to sixteen blinds depending on needs.

Many of our Motorised Blinds can also be operated via Smart Speaker or App via the use of a Hub, and this gives a wider range of options such as timers, and operating the blinds when away from the home.

Eve Roller Blinds

Eve Motorised Blinds

We also supply Eve Motorised Roller Blinds. These innovative new blinds operate via Matter, meaning there is no need for a Hub to operate the blind via a mobile phone. For More information on Eve Roller Blinds please follow this link.

Electric Roller Blinds are Child Safe by design. For more information please Contact Us

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