Free Temporary Blinds

Free Temporary Blinds for Shutter Customers

We have improved our service! We are now offering Temporary Blinds to cover any uncovered windows where we are fitting Shutters from China. 

Shutters that are manufactured in China have a fairly lengthy shipping time (8 to 16 weeks), which leaves our customers with uncovered windows for some time. In order to combat this we have decided to offer free temporary blinds for these windows. 

Easy to Use Temporary Blinds

Temporary Blinds are made from tough paper which is folded into pleats. The blind is cut to size and then stuck to the top of the window. Simple clips are supplied to fix the blind into the raised position. 

Beautifully Fitted Shutters

With privacy maintained with the Temporary Blinds, the time will fly by until we install your Beautiful Shutters.

Please note these are a temporary option and sometimes may be overlapped to fully cover the window.

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