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Do Shutters add Value to your Home

Do Shutters add Value to Your Home 

Plantation shutters are becoming increasingly popular. Available in a variety of materials and colours they help allow natural light into a room whilst maintaining privacy.

But do they add value to your home?

I believe they do for the following reasons.

Shutters add Thermal Insulation

Shutters are excellent insulators

Plantation Shutters are great at keeping the heat in in winter (helping to keep heating costs down) and adding shading to keep rooms cooler in the Summer. This has to be of value for prospective buyers, as well as fantastic news if you decide not to to sell!

Not needing to buy new window blinds

Not having to buy window blinds is always an advantage, and is attractive to any potential buyer. 

Added to this, the extra Curb appeal created by well fitted Shutters, is sure to draw the eye and encourage more possible buyers. More interest can often result in interested parties offering close to, or over the asking price to secure a sale.

Privacy and Security with Shutters

Privacy and Added Security

The tilting ability of the louvres on a Plantation Shutter allows for a combination of light and privacy. Being able to disrupt the view into a room also adds an element of security and the additional layer acts as a deterrent for anyone looking to break in. Great news for you and your possessions!

Easy to Clean Shutters

Easy to keep clean

Shutters are easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for anyone with dust allergies, or people who love a clean home! Also, as a completely child safe window covering, they are also ideal for anyone with a young family too!

Quality Item

Our Shutters are a quality item, showing everyone that you take pride in and look after your home. Our Shutters are built to last, so make an environmentally sound choice, ensuring they will look great for years to come. 

They Are The 6 Ways That We Think They Do

Regardless of wether or not you are planning to sell your home, I believe it is clear that Shutters add value to a home, not just financial, but in many other ways too.