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Blackout Blinds - how good are they

Blackout Blinds  – Is there any such thing?

Blinds that block out all the light sound like a common thing, however preventing all light from creeping into a room is extremely difficult.

Blackout fabrics usually have a bonded backing which prevents the light from getting through. When made into a window covering, however there will always be gaps and areas around the edges of the blackout fabric where the light can creep in.

That being said there are a wide number of blinds which will darken down the room, and help with sleeping! With that in mind, here are a few of the best options for Room Darkening.

Room Darkening Pleated Blinds

Cellular Pleated Blinds £££

Room darkening Cellular Pleated Blinds make a great option for blocking light. Fitting tightly near the walls of the window recess leaves little opportunity for light ingress. These can be operated in a variety of ways including some completely Child Safe operating options.

Room Darkening Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds with Blackout Lining £££

Roman Blinds have long been the choice for an elegant widow covering and with a Blackout Lining, these create a very acceptable Room Darkening Blind. With a huge choice of fabrics available, finding something to suit every décor is easy.

Installing the Roman Blind inside the recess, closer to the window, will offer a good level of darkening. Fitting the Blind to the wall above the window and overlapping the window opening can also help to reduce the light levels.

Room Darkening Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds £

Roller Blinds with a block-out backing are a cost-effective solution to reduce Solar glare and increase room darkening. Fitting the Blind outside the recess so the fabric fully covers the opening with an overlap on the left and right makes this option even more effective. However, it should be noted that light will still shine down the sides of the blind.

Solid Shutters and Shutter & Shade

Solid Shutters or Shutter & Shade £££

Solid Shutter panels block almost all the light, with just a glow coming around the edges of the doors. This style of Shutter is ideal where privacy during the day is not needed, as, in order to let the light in, the doors need to be fully opened back when room darkening is not required.

An alternative to this is the Shutter and Shade option. With Shutter and Shade a Blackout fabric pleated Blind is installed behind the Plantation Shutter using a unique F Frame. The Blind can then be pulled down and the Shutter Panel closed, reducing light exposure into the room. When Light and Privacy is required the pleated blind lifts out of the way.

Cassetted Roller Blinds

Cassetted Roller Blinds ££££

These are one of the best option for room darkening. The Blackout Roller Blind Fabric is housed in a pelmet and rolls down inside channels on each side. This substantially reduces the light ingress, creating a dark room. With a wide choice of blackout fabrics available, this style of blind is great for a Cinema Room, Photography Studio, or Bedroom.

Layering Blinds and Curtains

Layering Up ££££

Using a combination of Curtains and Blinds gives even better room darkening. By fitting the a blind using blackout fabric in close to the Window and full length curtains with a Blackout Lining outside the recess, most of the light can be removed. The downside of this option is that in purchasing 2 coverings the cost will be higher.

There are more options available and our knowledgable and helpful team will be pleased to help you with additional information. Please contact us to book a consultation.

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