What are the Best Shutters?

What are the best Shutters to buy?

Well, this depends on the situation, window orientation, the room that the shutters are going into and of course the budget. Here I’m going to try to explain some of the differences between the shutters so that you can decide which ones are best suited for you to buy.

What you need the Shutters for is important


This refers to the overall look and what the shutters are required for.  For example, if you are in an older Victorian property you might look to put in more authentic solid panel shutters. In this instance you will be using a wooden shutter. If you are looking for a shutter to help maintain privacy and light, then you’ll want to louvred shutter, giving you far more materials available to choose from. If you’re looking for a specific bespoke colour, then you would need to look at a shutter that can be created using your own colour. Once you’ve looked at all these situational objectives then you will be on a clearer path as to which is the best shutter for you to buy.

 Window Size and Orientation

Window size will influence which type of shutter you want to buy. This is down to limitations on panel widths and how many panels you can have folding together. With the heavier weight of an MDF shutter you can have only two panels folding together and their maximum width is much smaller than a lighter weight wooden shutter. So, if you wanted to have multiple door panels you would need to go for a lighter material.

Window orientation may play a part as a South facing window is going to have far more light and heat coming through. As wood is naturally a great insulator it would make sense to put a wooden shutter at a window such as this.

Waterproof Shutters are perfect in the Bathroom

The Room the Shutters are Going In to

Different rooms in the house may require different types of shutters. For instance, you would want to put a moisture resistant shutter in a bathroom or wet room to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate. However, this wouldn’t necessarily be an issue in a bedroom or the living room.


Of course, the budget plays a big part there are more cost-effective materials that shutters are made from and that may play a part in which you choose. Our most popular range is our Vazon range which is a full MDF shutter. It is well built and comes in a lovely range of nine neutral colours, and it is considerably more cost effective than wood shutters.

Our Shutters are built using the best<br />

The Best Shutters

We are passionate about providing the best quality shutters. Therefore, our core shutter ranges come with laminated cores in the side styles of the doors. This helps to prevent warp or twist of the doors that can otherwise occur on doors made without this integral component. The doors are also built using strong Mortice and Tenon joints, making a Shutter built to last.

We always offer the best advice taking into consideration all the factors. We offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our shutters and know that they are built to last.

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