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Traditional Roller Blinds

Traditional Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds have been a practical window covering for centaury’s and the traditional Roller Blind is still a simple option. A traditional Roller Blind typically comes with a chain to raise and lower the blind, making it easy to reduce, diffuse or increase light when wanted.

Standard Roll or Reverse Roll

Look of a Traditional Roller Blind 

Traditional Roller Blinds can be Standard Rolled, where the fabric drops own off the back of the tube, or Reverse Rolled where the fabric comes down off the front of the tube.

Standard Roll is typically used when a closer to the window fit is required, Reverse Rolled is typically used when a gap is required for the window handles.

Roller Blinds with a Pelmet

Pelmet Options

For a neater look, Roller Blinds can be housed in a cassette pelmet. The pelmets are available in a selection of powder coated colours or covered in a matching or contrasting fabric.

Roller Blind Fabrics


We have a massive variety of Roller Blind Fabrics, including textured, plain, patterned, light diffusing, room darkening and waterproof.

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