Semi Cassette Roller Blinds

What are Cassette Blinds?

Cassette Blinds are roller blinds with a pelmet that encases the roll at the top.

This neat pelmet can be covered in a matching fabric, a contrasting fabric, or can be left uncovered to blend more easily with the surroundings.

There are different options with the Pelmet.

The Semi Cassette.

This option allows for some of the roller blind to be seen and is often a popular choice when the blind is motorised with a Li-ion rechargeable battery as it is easier to see the charging point and locate the charging cable.

Full Cassette Roller Blind

The Full Cassette.

This is a deeper Pelmet which conceales more of the roller Blind. Again, this pelmet can be covered in fabric or left uncovered and creates a neat look at the top of the blind.

Cassette Roller Blind with Side Channels

Cassette Pelmet with Side Channels

Although a Cassette Pelmet does help reduce the light that comes over the top of a traditional roller blind, there are still gaps at the sides of the blind allowing for light ingress. If you are looking for better room darkening, then using a cassette roller blind with side channels is a great idea.

The fabric travels down the side channels illuminating the light gaps and offering one of the best room darkening options when coupled with a Blackout fabric.

For more information, or to see examples of Cassette Roller Blinds, Contact us or pop into our Wokingham Showroom.