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Blinds in Bay Windows

Many houses have a bay window in their house, these angled windows add style and space to rooms, however, can be more challenging to cover.  So, whether you have a half bay, a splay bay, a square bay or a bow window, here are some of my best solutions for dressing your Bay.

Shutters in Bay Windows

Plantation Shutters £££

Shutters have been the covering of windows for hundreds of years, and plantation Shutters combine a stylish look with privacy often required in Bay Windows. Use shutter panels with a mid-break to be able to easily keep privacy and light in your room. 

Shutters give a seamless look at bay windows and the frame helps to cover gaps and reduce draughts as well as heat loss in the Winter. In addition, slanting the louvres to reflect some of the sun in the Summer months will help to shade your room and keep cooler.

When the Shuttter louvres are closed a good level of room darkening is achieved.

Venetian Blinds in Bay Window

Venetian Blinds £

Venetian Blinds, especially 50mm Wood or Faux Wood Venetian Blinds, offer a similar feel to Shutters at a fraction of the price. Available in a variety of neutral painted colours or stained finishes, it’s easy to find one that complements your decor.

Seperate Venetian Blind fitted to each side of the bay makes it easy and flexible to reduce or increase light levels in the room.

Romans in Bay Windows

Roman Blinds £££

Roman Blinds are a soft furnishing blind, meaning they have a softer, sophisticated look. With a massive choice of fabrics, this is an easy way to add colour or drama into your room.

Motorise your Roman Blinds for raise and lower at the touch of a button.

Vertical Blinds in a Bay

Vertical Blinds £

Vertical Blinds are often overlooked, however can offer a practical and stylish look. In some Bow Windows the track can even be curved to allow for simple continuous operation. Using Vertical Blinds with a heavier weight in the slat eliminates the need for stabilising chains at the bottom of the louvre, giving a sleeker, more modern look.

Curtains in a Bay Window

Curtains £££

For certain shaped bay windows, a curtain may be the perfect option. Using a track with carefully shaped bends, the curtains can be effortlessly pulled around the bay.

Our in-house range of fabrics includes a wide choice of coloured, patterned, and textured finishes, and in addition we can source many of the popular curtain fabrics on the market.

Roller Blinds in a Bay Window

Roller Blinds £

Roller Blinds are one of the more cost-effective ways of covering a bay window. Adding an insulative layer to the window will help to reduce heat loss in Winter and solar gain in Summer.

This is not an exhaustive list of window coverings for bay windows, so please contact us for more information and a quotation for blinds or shutters on your bay window.

*£ denotes starting price