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Day and Night Roller Blinds

Day and Night Blinds are also known as Zebra Blinds, Duo Blinds or Night and Day Blinds and even Vision Blinds. Regardless of the name they all work in the same way. These Clever blinds offer Light and visibility through during the day and maintain privacy at night, with the added option of being able to roll them away for complete uncovering of the window. 

How Day and Night Blinds Work

How Day and Night Blinds Work

Day and Night Blinds work in the same way as a simple roller blind. The difference is the fabric and the way this is attached to the roller tube. 

The fabric used on these blinds have intermittent stripes. One of the Stripes is opaque and the next is a sheer. These stripes are repeated on the fabric at set intervals. 

The top and bottom of the fabric is then fixed to the roller tube, ensuring that, as the roller blind is operated, the stripes are either in-line or offset. Whilst the stripes are in-line you are able to look through the sheer sections, privacy is fully achieved when the stripes are in the offset position.

Night and Day Blinds offer precision privacy and light in a chyc and contemporary way.

Fabrics for Duo Rollers


We have a wide choice of fabrics for the Day and Night Blinds. These range from simple single coloured, through textured to elegantly patterned fabrics. The top of the blind is finished with a simple pelmet which can be covered in the matching fabric or left plain. The plain Pelmet is available in white, anthracite or black 

Operation of Day and Night Roller Blinds


Night and Day Blinds can be either supplied with manual operation via a Chain, or motorised with a remote control.

When chain operated, the chain will be fixed to the wall a minimum of a metre and a half from the floor using a tensioning device. This is to comply with the Child Safety Legislation.

To find out more about these flexible window coverings please give us a call or pop into our Wokingham Showroom.