Do Shutters Block Light?

Do Shutters Block Light?

The simple answer is that on their own, Plantation Shutters reduce light levels, however they don’t completly block light. However there are some ways to improve the room darkening effect of Shutters.

Finding a solution to help block light at the window can be a challenge, however there are some solutions that are better than others. Plantation Shutters can be very good at reducing light levels, and many people find that these louvred shutters block enough light. However, what if you work nights, or have light sensitivity? You may well then require more room darkening than simple louvred shutters provide.

How Much light comes in with standard plantation shutters?

So, how much light comes in with shutters?

As with any louvred product there will be an element of ‘slat bounce”. Slat bounce occurs when sunlight hits the back of one Louvre and bounces off it onto the slat in front. In addition to this there will be a glow around the edges and where the slats meet the sides of the doors and where the doors meet the frame. As the light is coming round something, it’s a glow more than an intense light. 

Most shutter louvres are elliptical in shape and the curved surface allows for more slat bounce. However, we do have a range of shutters that come with a unique urbane slat. The urbane slat has a stepped edge so the louvres interlock together to give better room darkening

Fitting a Roller Blind behind the Shutter helps with room darkening

Improving Room Darkening

Adding a blind behind the Plantation Shutters can be a great solution. The most cost effective option is a Roller Blind with a Blackout Fabric. When rolled down and with the shutter doors and louvres closed this does provide more definite boom darkening.

Shutter and Shade

Shutter and shade

Shutter and shade is a unique system utilising a larger shutter frame into which a pleated blind is mounted. The pleated blind behind the shutter panel comes in a block out fabric. When pulled down and the shutter panels and louvres closed this offers near blackout.

The downside of shuttering shade is it takes up more of the windowsill.

If you are unsure wether you will require additional room darkening over the standard plantation shutters, then I would suggest that you have your Shutters installed far enough away from the window to give the option of installing an additional Blockout blind behind the Shutter frame.

For more information about shutters and their room darkening abilities please contact us